The National Club Baseball Association (NCBA) is the national body that governs club baseball at colleges and universities in the United States. Club teams are different from varsity teams in that the school doesn't completely sponsor the teams' expenses and the teams are not eligible to play in the NCAA's College World Series. The NCBA was founded in 2000 to provide a national structure for the existing club teams. It structures the conferences, runs the NCBA College World Series, gathers playing statistics, assists teams in fundraising, and arranges for discounts on baseball clothing and equipment. The NCBA operates as a for profit LLC with a sole proprietorship in the name of Greg "Sandy" Sanderson as President. Profit has increased at a steady rate since the inception of the league in 2000 with team membership increasing in each year. Many club sport governing bodies operate as non-profit groups in order to return the most benefit to member teams. The two types of institutions that field club teams are schools that can't sponsor NCAA varsity baseball (often due to Title IX restrictions) and schools that do have a varsity team, but also have enough demand to field a second team. The NCBA currently is divided into Division I and Division II. Drexel is a Division I participant. The NCBA website is located here. The Dragons compete in the North Atlantic Region - East against Delaware, Hofstra, Towson, and Rutgers. Their club websites are located below.